Just Keep Swimming...

Whether your dog is a beginning swimmer or pool-toy-chasing-fool, we have a swimming option for her.

4 Steps to Get Them in the Pool

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons

Book an Initial Swim

Gather your vaccination records, treats, and plan to get splashed while your dog explores the pool.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons

Complete Initial Swim

Our swim instructors will recommend appropriate swim opportunities based on your dog’s swim skills and comfort level.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons

Identify the best option

Check out our swim options from one-time visits, swim lessons, and monthly memberships.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons

Enjoy the wet, wild fun

Cheer your dog on as she fetches her ball from the waves, launches off the deck, or overcomes her uncertainty. Magic happens in the water!

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A Loyal Companion logo

Explore the best options for your dog

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


We'll help your dog learn to enjoy - and respect - the water. We'll help him make sense of the wet stuff. Not every dog is a born swimmer so we'll take it slow and work at his pace. Available in 30 minute sessions.

From $25

Additional Dogs $10

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


Perfect for good swimmers who get along well with other dogs. Plenty of toys and new dog friends to share some splash time! Available in 60 minute sessions.
Initial Swim Consult required.

From $25


Open Swim Schedule

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


Good swimmer but not a fan of other dogs? No problem. Your dog has the entire pool to herself in this session. Available in 30- and 60-minute sessions.
Initial Swim Consult required.

From $39

Additional Dogs $10



A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


Does your dog need a little more help getting comfortable in the pool? Our swim instructors will use low stress/no-stress techniques to help build confidence and improve comfort level in the water. Assisted swims are also available for mobility-challenged and senior dogs. Available in 30 minute sessions.

From $49



A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


Not every dog is a natural swimmer. We'll teach him how to enter and exit the pool safely, the basics of proper body position and help him get more comfortable in the water. Available in four 30 minute sessions.



Swim Lesson 4-Pack

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons


This is the perfect option for your Olympic swimmer. Unlimited swimming during our Open Swim hours. The more she swims, the more you save!

Unlimited Open Swim

From $99


Ultimate Surf Membership

A Loyal Companion | Canine Swimming | Exercise & Lessons

Before they get their paws wet



For the safety of all dogs visiting our swimming pool, all dogs must be vaccinated or titered for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, parainfluenza (DA2P or DHPP). We also recommend bordetella (kennel cough), but this is not required. Discuss the risks with your veterinarian.

  • Remember to sign in at the front desk so we know you’re here!
  • Please do not enter the gated pool area without permission.
  • Please keep the gates in the facility closed. They can only do their job if they’re closed and latched.  No need to slam, though.
  • Dogs and ALC personnel only on the ramp, please.
  • If your dog is especially dirty, please ask to have him rinsed off or bathe your dog prior to visiting our facility.
  • If we ask you to do something, please comply. We don’t make stuff up for the heck of it. 
  • We are an on-leash facility, meaning dogs must be leashed at all times outside the gated pool area.
  • You are responsible for your dog and his behavior while in the facility, including your dog’s interaction with other dogs. Please pay attention to your dogs at all times, especially in the pool.
  • No throwing dogs in the pool.  You will be asked to leave immediately.
  • If you have a dog who thinks he owns the ramp, please throw toys or otherwise engage him so others can enter/exit the pool.
  • If your dog is cranky or has a lot of personality, please ask us for help.
  • We reserve the right to remove aggressive dogs and humans from the premises.
  • No food, drinks or treats in the pool area.
  • Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or after swimming.
  • All dogs must visit the relief area prior to entering the pool.  No exceptions.
  • You must take your dog out to the relief area before entering the pool, and every 15 – 20 minutes while swimming.
  • Please let us know if there is an accident in the pool (pee/poop/vomit) so we can address it quickly.
  • Repeated accidents in the pool will result in a pool ban for your dog.
  • The pool is available on a first-come-first-served basis during open swim times.
  • We will limit the number of dogs in the pool to 4-5, based on size and maturity/behavior.
  • All children must be accompanied and controlled by an adult at all times.
  • NO RUNNING BY HUMANS on deck or around pool.  Let your dogs do the running.
  • No kids or adults in the pool. Dogs only, please. We have a zero tolerance policy for this one.

Remember, you are completely responsible for the care, conduct and actions of your dog while they’re at the facility. Be a good advocate for them and only put them in situations they can handle.

We built and designed our pool with your dog in mind

The pool is 14′ x 22′ to allow plenty of room to swim, fetch, and chase. Our water management standards are high but not damaging to your dog’s skin and coat. We don’t use chlorine or salt. The pool water is filtered, heated and sanitized through a specially-designed circulation pump, in-line electric heater, and a high-rate sand filtration system. It’s like swimming in bottled water!

Your 1st Swim

Due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, we are only accepting clients whose dogs have mobility issues at this time. We are not accepting new clients for recreation-only services (fun swims/fun gyms). If you would like us to contact you when we are open for recreational activities, please complete the form below. Thank you for your understanding!

We want to make sure your dog’s first swim is a great experience. We’ll get you and your dog acquainted with the pool, the deck, the ramp and all the rules and safety precautions. We also want to make sure your dog can swim and if not, fit him for a life jacket.

We will not force your dog into the water. For some dogs, this is a slow process. For new and inexperienced swimmers, we’ll take it at their pace. In some cases, this may mean your dog doesn’t actually get into the water. Please be patient with your dog (and us!)

Initial swims are by appointment only. Even if your dog has swim experience, we’ll introduce your dog to our ramp and the water in the calm of a private session.

Multiple dogs (up to 3) are welcome at the initial swim. Additional per-dog rates apply. Puppies who are fully vaccinated (including Rabies) are welcome to swim. All dogs must have proof of core vaccinations (DA2P or DHPP).  Please bring those to your first swim.

Complete the form or give us a call at 520-448-3548 to schedule your dog’s initial swim today!

My Dog Wants to Swim!

Answer a few quick questions and we'll call you to schedule your dog's initial swim.