Exercise is more than a walk in the park

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Dog Gym

Complete a Mobility Consultation 

We’ll discuss your dog’s diagnosis and demeanor to determine whether
fitness training is a good option for your dog.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Dog Gym

Complete Initial Gym

We’ll introduce basic movements that address your dog’s challenges. We’ll provide instruction and a list of introductory exercises to get you and your dog started.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Dog Gym

Make a Mobility Plan

Based on your dog’s skill and comfort level during the first few fitness sessions, we’ll help you determine the frequency and package to meet your dog’s special needs.

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Dog Gym

Build Fitness for Life

Enjoy learning and succeeding together! We’ll introduce new exercises during each session, building a custom mobility fitness plan to last a lifetime.

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Explore the best options for your dog

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Initial Gym


We'll introduce you and your dog to the fitness and conditioning equipment, its applications, safety precautions, and proper use. You’ll learn basic exercises for better strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. Available in 30 minute sessions.
Mobility Consult required.

From $54

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | 4-pack savings


Save while he’s learning new ways to move his body. This is a great option for dogs new to fitness exercises as it give him multiple opportunities to learn how much fun the gym can be. Mobility Consult required.

From $195

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | 8-pack savings


Buy in bulk and save nearly 20%! This is a great package for established fitness enthusiasts for whom Fitness for Life is an essential element of her overall mobility plan.
Mobility Consult required.

From $375

A Loyal Companion | Canine Fitness | Dog Gym

Before they get in the gym



For the safety of all dogs visiting our facility, all dogs must be vaccinated or titered for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, parainfluenza (DA2P or DHPP). We also recommend bordetella (kennel cough) but it is not required. Discuss the risks with your veterinarian.

  • Remember to sign in at the front desk so we know you’re here!
  • Please do not enter the gym without permission.
    • We are an on-leash facility, meaning dogs must be leashed at all times while in the gym unless you have specific permission otherwise.
    • The gym equipment are not toys. Do not allow your dog to mouth or bite any equipment.
    • Do not lift your dog or his limbs onto any equipment. Let him decide to participate or not.
    • You are responsible for your dog and his behavior while in the gym, including your dog’s interaction with other dogs. Please pay attention to your dogs at all times.


  • Please feed your dog several hours before fitness activities or after fitness activities.
  • Please use solid training treats to work with your dog. No liquids or smearables like oils or peanut butter.
  • All dogs must visit the relief area prior to entering the gym. No exceptions.
  • If your dog has an accident, please clean it up with the towels and cleaning solution provided. Please take all solid waste outside (don’t put it in the inside trash cans). Please let us know if your dog has a loose stool or vomits so we can clean/disinfect immediately.
  • Please do not allow your dog to mark the equipment, floors or walls of the gym.
  • Repeated accidents or marking in the gym will result in a gym ban for your dog.
  • All children must be accompanied and controlled by an adult at all times.
  • NO RUNNING BY HUMANS in the gym. Let your dogs do the running.
  • No kids or adults on the equipment. Dogs only, please. These are not toys. We have a zero tolerance policy for this one.

Remember, you are completely responsible for the care, conduct and actions of your dog while they’re at the facility. Be a good advocate for them and only put them in situations they can handle.

Initial Fitness Session

Due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, we are not accepting new clients for recreation-only services (fun swims/fun gyms). Thank you for your understanding!

Help your dog maintain the balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence to stay active in the game of life. Whether she’s your sassy senior, recovering from injury or surgery, or just starting to slow down, Fitness for Life will help her overcome the challenges and maintain a great quality of life.

All dogs must have proof of core vaccinations (DA2P or DHPP). Please bring those to your first visit.

Complete the form or give us a call at 520-448-3548 to schedule your dog’s mobility consultation!