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Mobility is Life

For all dogs, mobility is life. Movement—supported or not—allows a dog to participate in his world independently. Smelling the base of a tree, seeing a rabbit run in front of him, hearing tiny feet scurry across the dry earth, nibbling on young tendrils of grass, feeling the smooth pebbles beneath his paws. It’s these experiences that make his life rich. Mobility is the key that unlocks the exploration of his world and enhances his quality of his life.

Every year, I talk to hundreds of dog owners who come to A Loyal Companion Mobility and Swim Center looking for help. Most of my clients have asked this same question in one form or another: How can I help my dog continue to enjoy his life doing the things he loves without pain or discomfort for as long as his body and mind will allow?” I built A Loyal Companion to help you answer that question. Our goal is to provide the information and support you need to give your dog the best life possible.

Kate Titus, Founder & Owner

Kate Titus is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT), FitPAWS Master Trainer (FPMT), and Certified Canine Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist (CTMT, CSMT).


Kate Titus Bio...

In 2008, Kate founded A Loyal Companion to provide massage, exercise, and mobility solutions for senior dogs. In 2015, she opened the first canine fitness and mobility facility in Arizona, featuring an indoor swimming pool and complete dog gym. Since then, more than 2,000 dogs and their pet parents have come through the doors in Tucson. (www.aloyalcompanion.com)

Kate is the author of two books on canine mobility, Sit. Stand. GO! How to help your dog overcome mobility challenges and Emotion to Motion: How the mind impacts your dog’s mobilitypublished by Dudley Court Press.

In addition, Kate lectures to groups on topics such as fitness, massage, caring for senior dogs, and canine mobility. Her work has appeared in various publications, including on thebark.com, website for the popular national dog culture magazine, The Bark (https://thebark.com/content/gathering-storm)

Currently, she’s a board member and past chairperson with Gabriel’s Angels where she was a therapy team volunteer with her dog, Harley. Gabriel’s Angels is a non-profit that provides pet therapy for at-risk children in Arizona. (www.gabrielsangels.org)

Kate lives with her wife, Kathy; Half Moon, a joyful rat terrier; and Helen, an empathetic and athletic boxer.


  • University of Tennessee certificate program in Canine Physical Rehabilitation, Audited courses in canine rehabilitation, physical/electrotherapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise prescription/aquatic therapy, designing & implementing rehabilitation programs, comprehensive pain management. (Please note: I am not a veterinarian or a veterinary technician and am therefore ineligible to sit for a certification exam.)
  • University of Tennessee certificate program in Canine Fitness Training, (CCFT), Topics of study included canine body mechanics, anatomy, functional movement, behavior, nutrition, and safety.
  • FitPAWS certificate program in Canine Fitness Training, (Master Trainer, FPMT) Topics of study included canine fitness and conditioning, using fitness equipment safely, developing personalized fitness routines, nurturing client involvement and compliance.
  • Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage,Certified Canine Therapeutic (CTMT) and Sports Massage Therapist (CSMT)
  • Purdue University Veterinary Technology Program, foundational courses in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.
  • Triple Crown Academy,Pet Obedience Instructor: Theory and Application of Canine Behavior
  • Suffolk University, Sawyer College of Business, Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on marketing
  • Northeastern University, Bouve College of Health Sciences, Master of Science (MS), Recreation, Sports, and Fitness Management
  • Continuing Education
    • VSCOT, Management of Osteoarthritis Pain with a Multi-Modal Approach
    • K-Laser USA, Emerging Trends in Veterinary Laser Technology: Revolutionizing Pain Management and Wound Healing
    • Companion Therapy: Geriatric Animal Symposium
    • FourLeg Rehab: Online continuing education
    • OnlinePetHealth: Online continuing education

Nikki Frahm, Mobility Technician

Nikki started her career as a pet sitter in 2007.  Knowing she wanted to work with dogs as a career, she moved into working in a dog daycare setting, where she built her foundation of dog behavior and dog body language as well as learning different styles of play and its impact of the energy of the pack.

In late 2011, she earned a full time manager position of the dog daycare.  During this time, her work with a timid and fearful German Shepherd Dog sparked her interest in further canine behavior work and education.  She attended That’s My Dog training school in Dubuque, Iowa where she added clicker training and low-level e-collar training to her skills.  She also attended Chad Mackin workshops where she learned more about canine behavior and socialization.

Since joining the A Loyal Companion team, she’s applied her obedience and body language skills to dogs with mobility challenges. This foundation has made all the difference as Nikki teaches mobility-challenged dogs to swim, conquer strength-building exercises, and master new wheelchairs.

Continuing Education/Certifications

  • Walkin’ Wheels Professional Certification Topics of study included assessment, measurement, fitting, adjustment, and applications of Walkin’ Wheels adjustable rear wheel and quad carts,
  • Do More with Your Dog program in Canine Fitness and Conditioning (CCFC) Topics of study included canine body mechanics, anatomy, functional movement, behavior, and safety.
  • Do More with Your Dog program in Trick Dog Instruction (CTDI) Topics of study included teaching tricks using proper techniques and within safety guidelines, building behaviors to complete complex tricks, working with the human end of the leash.