Ever wish you could do more for your mobility-challenged dog?

Now you can.

Mobility Solutions.

Mobility is life! Provide better physical and emotional support for your dog as her mobility changes


Surf’s up! Cheer her on as she splashes her way to better range of motion, endurance, and confidence

Fitness for Life.

Exercises that build strength, balance, and flexibility for her everyday activities
A Loyal Companion | Canine Mobility & Swim Center

Online Learning.

We’ll be your guide on your dog’s mobility journey. Virtual courses, on-demand classes, recorded Mobility Chats and more help answer your questions and support you along the way

Virtual Mobility Support

Can’t come to Tucson? We’ll come to you and your dog via video call. Mobility consultations and coaching, fitness sessions, equipment fitting and evaluations available.

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Learn How to Help Your Mobility-Challenged Dog

We are no longer accepting new clients for recreation-only services (fun swims/fun gyms). If you believe your dog has a mobility issue, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your dog’s needs. Thank you for your understanding!

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A Loyal Companion | Canine Mobility & Swim Center

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