A Loyal Companion Canine Massage Therapy
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Kate Titus of A Loyal Companion performning canine massage
Benefits of Canine Massage
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Your relationship with your dog is important. He’s your companion, your friend, your training partner and much more. You want to care for him well and provide the best quality of life possible.

Specialized Therapeutic Sports Massage

A Loyal Companion helps you do that by working with the whole dog – mind, body and spirit – to keep him feeling and behaving his best. Like you, your dog’s behavior and emotional state are directly influenced by how he feels physically. Working closely with your veterinarian, we create a unique massage program that keeps him moving well and eager to join you on your next adventure – hiking in the mountains or running errands around town! More...

Help Your Dog Thrive

One of the great benefits of sharing your life with a dog is to experience his pure joy and delight of living life to its fullest. Knowing that pain and stiffness are limiting his activities can be stressful and frustrating. Because he is a member of the family, his health and welfare are important to you.

By working with A Loyal Companion, you can be confident that you’re reducing his discomfort and rejuvenating his spirit. Our trained massage therapists will help him move in an easier and more relaxed way. Our individualized programs ensure he stays active in your life and you can enjoy his companionship more often. Because we work with your veterinarian, you can also feel secure that you’re complimenting his long-term care.

Whether he’s your star athlete, old friend or constant companion, you can be confident that when you’re ready to go, he’ll be willing and able.

Three happy dogs